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  • Moving Pictures: Movimento

    Moving Pictures is a creative collaborative project of ArtEZ and the Kröller-Müller Museum. Watch the film by Malou Kwint.

  • Sjarel Ex in conversation with Tal R

    The museum’s director Sjarel Ex talks to the Danish artist about his multifaceted oeuvre, his energetic style and his first major retrospective exhibition.

  • Change makers – Eric Klarenbeek en Maartje Dros

    Eric Klarenbeek (1978) is product designer and considers himself ‘designer of the unusual’. With his partner, Maartje Dros, he is looking for new, organic-based raw materials that, in the long term, can completely replace plastic.

  • Locus

    Interview with film artists Apichatpong Weerasethakul en Cao Guimarães, and with Director of Exhibitions / curator Jaap Guldemond, about the exhibition Locus: Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Cao Guimarães.

  • Change makers – Elisa van Joolen

    Elisa van Joolen explores clothing, the layer between man and the outside world. In her work she attempts to unravel fashion and tries to uncover the hidden connections within the fashion industry.

  • Keith Haring is back

    Restored canvas by American graffiti artist Keith Haring again on display at the Stedelijk.

  • Sensory Spaces 12 - Abraham Cruzvillegas

    Sensory Spaces is a series of commissioned solo projects presented in the Willem van der Vorm Gallery, located in the freely accessible exhibition space in the museum’s entrance hall. Artists are invited to respond to the architectural qualities of the space, emphasizing notions of transformation and surprise.

  • Change makers – Atelier NL

    Atelier NL tells the story of sand. With each wave of research and design, Atelier NL breaks ground for essential dialogues on production methods at the crossroads of design and science.