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  • Sensory Spaces 13 - Anne Hardy

    For Sensory Spaces 13 Anne Hardy (UK, 1970) will present a new FIELD work: she invites the visitor to enter a dream-like, animated world. In this video the artist and the guest curator Nina Folkersma explain the work and process behind the installation.

  • The Tower of Babel – back from Japan

    The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of the highlights in the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This painting and ninety other masterpieces were recently exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. It is interesting how differently people in Japan perceived this painting.

  • Michael Wolf - Life in Cities

    A figure behind a misted window turns its face away and closes its eyes in an attempt to evade the lens of the photographer. The metro passenger is crushed between fellow-commuters and unable to move when photographer Michael Wolf (München, 1954) points his camera at him from the other side of the glass.

  • The day I became a work of art - Judith van den Berg

    Interactive project of the Dutch artist Judith van den Berg for Middelheimmuseum, performed summer 2017. “Hello sir, madam, today is a very special day at the Middelheim Museum. It is The day I became a work of art. Shall I explain to you what it is about?” Project staff approached visitors this way when they entered the Middelheimmuseum, and invited them to become part of the project.

  • Jesper Just

    Short documentary with artist Jesper Just and curator Jaap Guldemond on the occasion of the exhibition Jesper Just (17 December 2017 – 11 March 2018) in EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

  • Edgard Tytgat - Memory of a much-loved window

    The Brussels-based artist Edgard Tytgat (1879-1957) was a painter, author, and engraver, but more than anything, he was an incredible storyteller. M is bringing his story back to life with more than 70 works from both museum and private collections.

  • Change Makers - Arne Hendriks

    Arne Hendriks has been exploring the notion of downsizing for more than seven years. With his project The Incredible Shrinking Man, he is attempting to change ideas about growth and to encourage the notion that smaller is better.

  • Rasheed Araeen: A Retrospective

    An interview with artist Rasheed Araeen and curator Nick Aikens about the exhibition Rasheed Araeen: A Retrospective. It is the first comprehensive survey of the artist. The exhibition, spanning 60 years of work. It was on view at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven from 2 December 2017 until 25 March 2018.