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  • Carsten Höller

    The exhibition of Carsten Höller in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen was, in its entirety, based on repetitive division. That led to the title: Divided Divided. In this interview, the artist explains that this principle is not fair, but does offer more possibilities and gives life colour.

  • Paul Delvaux (1973)

    Skeletons, nudes and train stations are important motives in the oeuvre of Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). Because of the estranged representations in a realistic style, Delvaux is branded a Belgian surrealist, a label that makes him feel uncomfortable though.

  • Hans Wilschut

    The cityscapes photographed by Hans Wilschut in all parts of the world are not about urban planning and architecture, but about the people who live in the tower blocks and, in some way or another, want to turn the urban structure into something more personal.

  • Ewoud van Rijn

    In Ewoud van Rijn, the world lost a cartoonist. But he doesn't regret his decision to take the path of visual arts, for that path has taken him along worlds he may otherwise have never known.

  • Anne Wenzel

    Withered flowers and a teddy bear on the asphalt of the Kleinpolderplein got her thinking about research into the image language of monuments and their role in keeping alive a memory. In this interview, Anne Wenzel explains that hot air can seem overblown, heavy and pompous and that the true emotion that is in the memory can easily be suppressed by building monuments and exploiting them as tourist attractions. We soon forget, as we photograph, what really happened.

  • Atelier Van Lieshout in the Submarine Wharf

    In 2010, the Submarine Wharf in the Rotterdam harbour area, hosted an exhibition of the sculptures of Atelier van Lieshout. Room-filling artworks and a forest of sculptures were installed in the enormous shed covering almost 5000 m2.

  • Joep van Lieshout

    Joep van Lieshout is level-headed enough to look the consequences in the eye: a rational and regulated society such as ours ultimately chooses a similar solution for overpopulation as a rat colony based purely on intuition. You eat each other.

  • 'Portrait of the family Lütjens' by Max Beckmann

    In this interview by museum director Sjarel Ex, the adult Annemarie Lütjens tells the story of the painting and Max Beckmann, who was a good friend of her father.