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  • The Poor Man's Gold - Joost van Bleiswijk

    Gain an insight into the origin and history of these treasure-chests made for the Zuiderzee Museum by design artist Joost van Bleiswijk. They are inspired by the historical connection of the City of Enkhuizen and the Museum’s premises with the Dutch East India Trading Company (VOC).

  • Jubilee exhibition 10 Years of Thomas Eyck

    Dutch publisher and distributor Thomas Eyck has stimulated talented designers to create contemporary practical items and art objects in collaboration with artisanal companies since 2007. With this exhibition the museum reflects on the vision of Thomas Eyck.

  • Crafts and design at the Zuiderzeemuseum - Michael Huyser

    By commisioning present-day designera and artists, the Zuiderzee Museum seeks to keep the cultural heritage of the former Zuiderzee area alive. Watch and listen to Michael Huyser, the Museum’s former general manager.

  • Zuiderzee Chair - Richard Hutten

    These wooden button chairs were commonly found in churches around the Zuiderzee. They used to bear the names of influential churchgoers. This video shows how design artist Richard Hutten’s name is painted on his creation entitled Zuiderzee Chair.

  • Made to measure - Glithero

    Have a good look at Maatwerk, the amazing design made by the Glithero design studio, and discover the connection between the old crafts of making organ books and weaving.

  • Mourning materialized - rENs

    People in the Zuiderzee area who had lost a loved one used to wear special clothes in prescribed colours as a token of their grief. The designers duo rENs created three tapestries, depicting the mourning phases of three Zuiderzee women, and named the project To dust.

  • Revenge of the Pearl Necklace – Ted Noten

    Zuiderzee fishermen were not particularly keen on pearls because the latter were popular with the upper class. This inspired jewel designer Ted Noten to make the work entitled The Revenge of the Pearl Necklace.

  • Combers Cabinet – Kranen/Gille

    Inspired by the treasures they found in the Museum’s depot of requisites, designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille created their Comber’s Cabinet as a showcase for their discoveries, to help preserving and reconstructing the Zuiderzee history.