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  • El Hotel Eléctrico - Rooms Available

    When does animation become art? What remains of animation when it leaves the cinema or TV screen, and manifests itself in other spaces?

  • Painting and Other Stuff

    A long-time resident of Chicago, Kerry James Marshall is widely regarded as one of the greatest painters of his generation. Get to know his style and work.

  • Meeting Points 7

    The exhibition Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks was prompted by the unfinished social and political processes of the Arab revolutions and the reconfiguration of capitalism throughout the world.

  • Restoring the Skyspace by Turrell

    The M HKA’s rooftop terrace has it’s own Skyspace by James Turrell. A Skyspace is a cube-shaped space with a single door opening and a square hole in the ceiling. This video shows the renovation.

  • Bazar Belge: A Selection by Claude Blondeel

    As a goodbye after many years as an art critic, Claude Blondeel presents his 'top 100' of artworks in Belgian collections in the exhibition 'Baza(a)r Belg(ï)e'.

  • Office Baroque by Gordon Matta-Clark

    Flor Bex tells how Office Baroque laid the foundation for M HKA's collection in the late 1970s.

  • Office Baroque - unseen footage

    In 1977, Gordon Matta-Clark was invited by the ICC in Antwerp to work on the intervention Office Baroque. Cherica Convents discovered unseen excerpts of the film footage and decided to restore it.

  • Art's Birthday

    In 1963, Fluxus artist Robert Filliou declared his birthday - January 17 - as Art's Birthday. In 2012 it was the fourth time to celebrate. This video gives an impression of a special evening.