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  • The Welfare State

    We have made the exhibition The Welfare State because we believe in the possibility of reading politics through culture and vice versa.

  • Ricardo Brey - Fuel to the fire

    Ricardo Brey is an exceptional artist and person with an international reputation and an extremely varied oeuvre. He approaches a space from a position of total freedom and tries to make it into a place for interaction.

  • M HKA - Visits

    In collaboration with LOCUS, the Flemish resource center for libraries, cultural and community centers and local cultural policy, M HKA regularly organises exhibitions in locations outside the museum, under the overall title 'Visits'.

  •  The collection art works by Jan Cox 

    M HKA received some significant donations in 2014 out of the collection of Adriaan Raemdonck. M HKA invited two artists to decide which pieces by Jan Cox are valuable for the museum collections.

  • Dialogue: Luc Tuymans and Vanessa Van Obberghen

    Luc Tuymans invited Vannessa van Obberghen for a dialogue in M HKA. Both artists tell about their inspirations.

  • Keeping Sight

    Chernysheva belongs to the generation of Russian artists that emerged in the 1990s, a period of political and cultural vibrancy. For her, vision is not just visual or visionary, but also haptic, social and philosophical.

  • We Live Art: Peter Verhelst

    This is the second episode of the series ‘We Live Art’, about people whose lives have been changed by art. This episode features writer and theatre maker Peter Verhelst.

  • Augustas Serapinas - don't you know how I am?

    Augustas Serapinas (°1990, Vilius, Lithuania) made a site-specific installation named ‘Georges’ as part of the group exhibition ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ at M HKA.