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  • THE GAP - Abstract art from Belgium

    Renowned Belgian painter Luc Tuymans has selected fifteen artists whose work either articulates a relationship to abstraction or takes as its cue the definition of abstraction.


    The LODGERS programme invites some of the most imaginative artistic initiatives to come and occupy the 6th floor at M HKA.

  • In Situ - Otobong Nkanga

    Otobong Nkanga (°1974, Kano) is the inaugural artist invited to participate in the new IN SITU programme at M HKA. She has made artworks about the relations between the natural landscape, labour, people and their exploitation.

  • Panamarenko Universum

    Panamarenko (1940) is an artist, an inventor, technician, mathematician, philosopher and visionary. And all at the same time. Panamarenko Universum is the grand and one-time return to his hometown of Antwerp.

  • Taus Makhacheva - Way of an Object

    The oeuvre of Taus Makhacheva (b. 1983) calls into question classical forms of historical writing, reigning cultural conventions and gender issues. Find out more about her work.

  • Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin - Democratic Luxury

    Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (Izmir, 1957 – Istanbul, 2007) was fascinated by the difference between the promise of something and its banal reality. In the exhibition Democratic Luxury this fascination all came together.

  • Stigmata, Actions & Performances 1976–2013

    As ‘a servant to beauty', Jan Fabre makes use of a full panoply of different media. In a unique staging, the exhibition offers an overview of all of Jan Fabre's performances and actions.

  • The Series DW Vierkantrohre

    For Posenenske art existed not as something that was created for and by individuals, but as a social and participatory action for a diverse audience.