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  • All access at the museum construction site

    Jesin, Veerle, Ellen, Sanne & Tim are enthusiastic members of our team. Follow them during a tour of the museum construction site where they dream aloud of what the new museum is going to be like.

  • The Memling restoration, a marathon

    For 16 years Lizet Klaassen worked on the restoration project of Hans Memling’s Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels. Today, the project has finally been completed. The result is stunning.

  • The vertical museum takes shape

    The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp was in need of a complete renovation. The video show us exactly what happened at the construction site.

  • The Van Beers Affair. Master painter or conman?

    Though Van Beers has gone down in history as a painter, during his lifetime the artist was best known as an ambitious society figure. However, was he a master painter, or a conman?

  • This is Nicolaas Rockox

    This video is an introduction to the exhibition for children: what is the Rockox House exactly and what will I see over there? The video opens up like a book on the life of Nicolaas Rockox.

  • The Golden Cabinet

    A mini-documentary shows you how the unique exhibition The Golden Cabinet - Royal Museum at the Rockox House came to life.