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  • Ferdinand Bol: the house, the collection, the artist

    Art historian Erna Kok tells about the painter Ferdinand Bol. What did he collect and how could he afford a life in an Amsterdam canal house?

  • Turkish Tulips: Gavin Turk

    Museum Van Loon has invited the British artist Gavin Turk to curate the exhibition Turkish Tulips. In this exposition, he explores the trading routes of the tulip from Turkey to the Netherlands. The Family Van Loon already traded with the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) in the sixteenth century.

  • The State Coach in the Netherlands

    Museum Van Loon presents the state coach of Louis van Loon for the first time. This film explains the construction of the coach and illustrates how it's still being used for special ceremonies.

  • Foam in van Loon IV

    In the exciting exhibition Second Skin, five contemporary artists explore the human body through photography and film.

  • Fashion in Van Loon

    In this video, costume historian Rosalie Sloof tells about the fashion of Louise van Loon – Borski, the daughter of a fabulously wealthy banker.