Zuiderzee Settings - Kiki van Eijk

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Discover how designer Kiki van Eijk made her Zuiderzee Settings. For this creation she drew her inspiration from various historical exhibits in the Museum’s indoor as well as its outdoor department, which she translated into a series of present-day ‘still lifes’ brimming with references to the past.
Kiki van Eijk

Kiki van Eijk's career began in 2000 with her hand-knotted carpet "Kiki Carpet" - with which she graduated with distinction from the design academy in Eindhoven.

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The quiet image of a flat-iron left standing on a piece of cloth, still hot enough to make the cloth wrinkle up: designer Kiki van Eijk was surprised at the feeling of everyday commonness most of the interiors at the Zuiderzee Museum invoke with the visitor – as if the personages have only just left the scene. In a collaboration project with the Royal Tichelaar Makkum ceramics factory she made seven unique ensembles, each consisting of a tulipwood piece of furniture, gold-plated ceramic objects and fine textiles. Images, patterns and materials are all inspired by the rich history of the Zuiderzee area, but are translated to the here and now. A striking aspect of Kiki van Eijk’s ceramics is that they are shaped and finished after textile models, which give them a ‘soft’, cuddly appearance.

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