Zuiderzee Chair - Richard Hutten

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These wooden button chairs were commonly found in churches around the Zuiderzee. They used to bear the names of influential churchgoers. This video shows how design artist Richard Hutten’s name is painted on his creation entitled Zuiderzee Chair.
Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten (1967) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1991 and is one of the major exponents of Droog Design, with which he has been involved since its beginning in 1993.

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Many interiors in the Zuiderzee Outdoor Museum are furnished with wooden button chairs. The knobs on the dead straight backrest served to hang one’s coat, hat or cap on. In days gone by, wealthy churchgoers used to pay for their reserved seats near the pulpit and, in return, were given a chair with their name painted on it. Commissioned by the Zuiderzee Museum, design artist Richard Hutten made a modern version of this traditional wooden chair. This video shows the Enkhuizen calligraphist Harry Stavenuiter painting the name of its designer, R.Hutten, on the back of the chair.

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  • Filmmaker: Big Shots Group
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