What the Art?! Marlene Dumas

00:10:25 1403 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
In this episode of What the Art?!, Blikopeners Janne en Joe visit the exhibition The Image As Burden by Marlene Dumas in the Stedelijk.
Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas (Cape Town, 1953) is a South African born artist and painter who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is considered one of the most significant and influential painters working today.

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Fascinated by Dumas paintings and drawings, based upon magazine and newspaper images, they seek to discover more about her work and practice. 

With a selection of their own 'Dumas-like' newspaper clippings, they go and meet Marlene in her studio in Amsterdam.

Janne and Joe have many questions for her: exactly how does she select the images she finds in the media? And how does she use them? Marlene even shows Janne and Joe some works that didn't get selected for the exhibition 'The Image As Burden'. Like the painting of Saddam Hussein, why wasn't he selected?


Marlene Dumas' assignment:

Marlene challenges students to create a portrait in six different ways. For example by using constraints to trigger your creativity:

Under the professional guidance of Dutch broadcasting organisation AVRO, Blikopeners (Eye Openers - peer educators at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) created the television series What The Art?! In each episode, the Blikopeners visited a prominent artist or designer in his/her studio.


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    In each episode, the Blikopeners visit a prominent artist or designer in his/her studio.