What The Art?! Bonne Reijn

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Get to know the artist/designer Bonne Reijn by means of three artworks that are handpicked by Blikopener Loulou from the permanent collection of het Stedelijk Museum. At the end of this video, Bonne will give an instruction to an assignment you can do in class.


In this episode of What The Art?! Blikopener Loulou visits the permanent collection of het Stedelijk Museum with the artist Bonne Reijn. Loulou handpicked three works of art that she thinks will have a connection to the works of Bonne. Together they will discus the artworks and meanwhile we will learn more about the artist Bonne Reijn.

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  • What the Art?!

    In each episode, the Blikopeners visit a prominent artist or designer in his/her studio.