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The Van Abbemuseum is now also accessible by robot for people who can't come to the museum.

The Van Abbemuseum is accessible by robot for people who can't come to the museum. Visitors with a physical disability who couldn't come to the museum, are now able to see the exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum. A robot allows them to visit the museum and experience the art from their own home.

Special Guests: the programme in which the visitor is central. The Van Abbemuseum is accessible for anyone who has a sense of curiosity. Whether you are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or even if you are confined to your bed, the museum will come to you. All Inclusive Van Abbe. 

For more information visit the website of Van Abbemuseum.


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  • In opdracht van: Van Abbemuseum
  • Geproduceerd door: Mals Media
  • Camera en edit: Florian Koch
  • Interview: Anna Jordans
  • Mogelijk gemaakt door: de deelnemers van BankGiro Loterij
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  • Special Guests: All Inclusive Van Abbe

    The video series 'Special Guests' provides a beautiful image of the program, where Van Abbemuseum invites different groups with special needs to experience the museum and works of art.