Tinguely & Landy: Homage to New York - Performance - Destruction

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Documentation of an evening around the artist Jean Tinguely in EYE in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, which currently devotes a major exhibition to the Swiss-born artist from 1 okt 2016 - 5 mrt 2017.
Jean Tinguely

Jean Tinguely (1925 – 1991) was a Swiss painter and sculptor who gained his international recognition in the early sixties as one of the pioneers of kinetic art.

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On 17 March 1960 Tinguely staged his notorious sculpture-performance Homage to New York in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The machine destroyed itself in just 27 minutes. British artist Michael Landy has been fascinated and inspired by Tinguely all his life.

Landy is well known for his Break Down Project (2001), during which performance he proceeded to destroy all of his possessions in a department store on London’s Oxford Street. This evening Landy will talk about the significance and relevance of Tinguely’s work for his own artistic practice.

Margriet Schavemaker, Manager Education, Interpretation & Publications of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam interviewed Michael Landy.

Video credits

Filmed by: Jan-Frederik Groot
Edited by: Anna Abrahams
With: Michael Landy; Margriet Schavemakers Excerpts from H.2.N.Y. Michael Landy (UK 2008)

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