The work of Maartje Folkeringa

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Sculptor Maartje Folkeringa is a careful observer of the people around her, intrigued by the dynamics of social behaviour.

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This short film was created as part of Maartje Folkeringa's 2012 solo exhibition at Museum Jan Cunen. Sculptor Maartje Folkeringa (1978, St. Anthonis) is a careful observer of the people around her, intrigued by the dynamics of social behaviour. In 2004, Folkeringa graduated with honours from the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and afterwards enrolled for a postgraduate degree at the Sandberg Instituut. She caused quite a sensation with her human shaped polyurethane foam sculptures, some of which even reaching heights greater than 8 feet tall. 

More recently, Folkeringa is interested in the different ways in which people tend to express their identity. Throughout 2010, Folkeringa took part in the artist in residence programme at the Instituto Buena Bista, the Curaçao center for contemporary art, founded, among others, by visual artist David Bade. Here, she was introduced to the concept of bling bling, and was instantly fascinated by this cultural phenomenon. Certain things most western people would regard as tacky or gaudy, are often considered status symbols on the island of Curaçao. Back in the Netherlands, she continued her research on the visual aspects of identity. Seal rings, livery collars, Indian bangle bracelets, luxury wrist watches on display in a shop window, or cheap imitation jewellery sold at a market stall. These are but a few examples of what inspired Folkeringa in her contemporary work. A closer look at her pieces reveals the frequent use of a variety of 'worthless' materials, such as tin foil and duct tape. This film shows the artist at work, both in the studio and the museum

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