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00:05:43 Museum Jan Cunen
In this film, directed by Ad van Campenhout himself, we see the true drawing artist at work in his studio.
A. van Campenhout

A. van Campenhout is a true drawing artist.

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In this film, directed by Ad van Campenhout himself, we see the artist at work in his studio. As a true drawing artist, Van Campenhout has perfect control over every aspect of his craft. In his large black and white drawings he pushes the relationship between points, lines and planes to new extremes, transforming abstract forms and patterns into familiar, recognizable compositions and vice versa. The drawing surface functions as a framework, either to enclose or to release a composition, while traces of human presence seem to loom in and out of view. In 2004, Van Campenhout displayed some of his work at Museum Jan Cunen, alongside sculptural work by Fiona Banner and a soundscape by Jacq Palinckx. 

The title for this exhibition, Before I Forget, was derived from the song of the same name by Dutch singer Spinvis, lamenting the ephemerality of all things. Jacq Palinckx' soundscape is featured as the soundtrack to this film.

Video credits

  • Film by A. van Campenhout and Carina Diepens (camera)


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