South African human rights lawyer Albie Sachs about South Africa and Apartheid. Organised in the context of the exhibition 'If We Ever Get to Heaven.'

Documentation of an evening with Albie Sachs, organised in the context of EYE's exhibition 'If We Ever Get to Heaven', with installations by the South African artist William Kentridge. Albie Sachs, a South African human rights lawyer, is the child of a union fighter who was defended by Sydney Kentridge – father of William Kentridge. Sachs is a lawyer, judge, writer, art lover and above all a freedom fighter. His activism has been brutally suppressed by solitary confinement and torture. In 1988, the military intelligence planted a bomb in his car. He lost his arm and sight in one eye, but not his combativeness. During his 25 years of exile, Sachs took part in the negotiations that led to the dismantling of the apartheid regime. After the release of Nelson Mandela, Sachs returned to South Africa, where he worked on the new Constitution. 

This is a documentation of a screening within the series EYE on Art. If We Ever Get to Heaven was on show from April 25 to August 30 2015 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Video credits

  • The interview with Albie Sachs was taken by Els van der Plas.
  • This event was made possible with support of Prince Claus Fund.
  • Documentation made by Rongwrong.
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