For 16 years Lizet Klaassen worked on the restoration project of Hans Memling’s Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels. Today, the project has finally been completed. The result is stunning.


Join us at the restoration studio of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp where restorers Lizet Klaassen & Marie Postec look back on the longest restoration project in the history of the museum: the Memling restoration. After 16 years you can once again see how enchanting the three panels of Memling’s Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels really are. Lizet and Marie tell you the story of how they saved, cleaned and reconstructed this mysterious masterpiece.

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Video credits

Production: Simone Lilmoes en Sandra Fauconnier
Music: Whispering Through van Asura en Idea van Kai Engel Footage: René Gerritsen, Adri Verburg, Rik Klein Gotink, Inma Hernáez, Nájera, Universiteit Antwerpen: Jesse Wiilems, Lukas – Art in Flanders VZW, Restauratieatelier KMSKA, Hugo Maertens Credits to: Madeleine ter Kuile & Greta Toté

This restauration is sponsored by the Friends of the KMSKA and Interbuild NV.

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