The day I became a work of art - Judith van den Berg

Interactive project of the Dutch artist Judith van den Berg for Middelheimmuseum, performed summer 2017. “Hello sir, madam, today is a very special day at the Middelheim Museum. It is The day I became a work of art. Shall I explain to you what it is about?” Project staff approached visitors this way when they entered the Middelheimmuseum, and invited them to become part of the project.
Judith van den Berg

Van den Berg is playing with everything that seems self-evident. Her concepts are about views and about being aware of these views. It is like a simple walk on the pavement, when suddenly you step on an uneven-lying tile.

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Visitors were given a title at the entrances of the museum, just like the sculptures in the museum have a title. Titles were available in dutch and in english. These titles were simple and based on widely used titles of artworks. For example, Untitled or Female figure.

Every title also had a number, which made every title unique. So unique that the visitor could take his/her title home. Available in the bookshop: a book with photographs that were taken during the project, with accompanying texts of Sara Weyns (director Middelheimmuseum), Greet Stappaerts (manager of the outreach programme Middelheimmuseum) and Judith van den Berg.

This project is made possible by the support and contribution of the Middelheimmuseum in Antwerp. Thanks to CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) for an additional contribution.

Video credits

Camera and editing Mario De Munck
Film commissioned by the public service department of the Middelheim Museum Antwerp Music: Little Glass Menn (cc) Claud Launching Kai Engel (cc) Sunset

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