Super Malevich

00:03:14 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
What do five youngsters think of the work of Kazimir malevich?

Five young people walk around for an hour alone at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. What strikes them, what do they pay attention to and what do they think about the paintings of Kazimir Malevich?

Video credits

  • Thanks to: Daphne, Lateesha, Loïs, Max, Olmo 
  • Interview & Research: Tobias Verhagen, Kyra Sacks, Cindy Pols 
  • Music: Moby, Kevin MacLeod, Mark Atkins 
  • Camera & Editing: Jonas Sacks, Max Maloney 
  • Audio & Soundmix: Ingeborg Bijster, Robin Schlosser, Studio de keuken 
  • Production: Cindy Pols 
  • Commissioned by the Education department of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2013
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