Studio Drift - Coded Nature

1440 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents the first solo of the succesful Dutch duo Studio Drift.


The work of Studio Drift occupies a unique place at the interface between tech art, performance, and biodesign. As a museum that has always placed great importance on both art and design, and performance, the Stedelijk Museum is the perfect venue to display this transdisciplinary work. Gordijn and Nauta engage with contemporary topics such as sustainability, the meaning of natural processes for today’s environment, and issues raised by the use of augmented reality. Their work focuses attention on a society in flux, shaped by the impact of fast-paced innovations, without judging.

The exhibition was realized by Ingeborg de Roode, curator of industrial design at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, in close collaboration with Studio Drift (Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta). Studio Drift: Coded Nature is generously supported in part by the International Collector Circle and the Curator Circle of the Stedelijk Museum Fund.

Video credits

  • Video production: Xinix Films
  • Special thanks to: Studio Drift, Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta, Laurence Ostyn, Ingeborg de Roode and Anniek Vrij
  • Image: Studio Drift, Fragile Future detail modules. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery
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