Steen in water

00:07:42 355 CBK Rotterdam
Steen in water, the story about the land art op de Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.

Once it was the largest land art artwork in the Netherlands, established between 1975 and 1979 with the huge budget for that time of 650,000 guilders. The impressive work of visual artists Teun Jacob and Kees Verschuren has remained virtually unknown by his fence and seclusion.

Jacob and Verschuren worked for five years on this work, a mix of industrial, urban and rural, that occupies a unique position within the land art. They combined industrial materials with a vegetation structure that was able to withstand the North Sea storms. 

The publication Stone in Water (2014) talks about the creation of this artwork, the participation, the numerous opinions, protests, and the contributions of other Dutch artists. Historical photographs and drawings show the work and show how intimate spaces were combined with expansive views.

On June 19, 2014, a special edition of the Z-Files, a programme on art and the city by the Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam took place during the 6th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam on the occasion of the release of this publication. The Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam commissioned Zeeger Verschuren to make this short film Stone in water.

Video credits

  • Scenario and voice-over: Kees Verschuren 
  • Direction, camera, editing: Zeeger Verschuren 
  • Drone and studio recordings: Zeeger Verschuren 
  • Thanks to: Oof Verschuren 
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