SONSBEEK ’16 – Eva Kot’átková

00:00:25 289 Museum Arnhem
Watch the live performance by Eva Kot'átková and her dolls in Sonsbeek '16.

Eva Kot’átková is fascinated by the discrepancy between the world of rules and codes and the people who (must) comply with them. In Office on the run four dolls perform administrative and telephone work in an office space. The dolls invite the public to share their thoughts by means of conversations during the performance. The main question that the audience is asked to answer is: how can we move freely while being so attached to our environment? Or are we, like string puppets, tied to the people around us? Actors bring the dolls to life. The puppets are life-size replicas of historical puppets from the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem.

Video credits

With thanks to: BankGiro Loterij, Gemeente Arnhem, Vrienden van Museum Arnhem, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland, Institut Français, Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation, Arnhemse Stichting Bijzondere Noden, C.S. Oolgaardt Stichting en Rabobank Stimuleringsfonds 

Camera and editing: Studio Halfvol

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