Sensory Spaces 6: Sara VanDerBeek

00:07:50 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
In this video Sara VanDer Beek and curator Francesco Stocchi explain the work made for Sensory Spaces in Boijmans.

Sensory Spaces is a series of commissioned solo projects presented in the Willem van der Vorm Gallery, located in the freely accessible exhibition space in the museum‚Äôs entrance hall. For each edition an artist is invited to develop a work that emphasises or alters the visitor's experience of this particular space. Sara VanDerBeek (Baltimore 1976) creates photographs, sculptures and installations. The American artist has always been interested in the way photography influences our perception of time, scale and space: our memory is not a strong fortress full of facts, but a temporary configuration of impressions, a collection of mutually connected images. 

VanDerBeek finds inspiration in universal symbols like the moon, the sea and the sky, recognizing in them the cyclical and the transient qualities of nature. The stratification of history in the city also plays an important role in her work. Cities such as Detroit, New Orleans and Baltimore are key in several of her projects. Her recent installation for Sensory Spaces brings her to Rotterdam. 

Sensory Spaces 6 - Sara VanDerBeek on display from 7 February - 31 May 2015.

Video credits

  • With the generous support of: Ammodo
  • Direction: Sandra Fauconnier, Mano Daniel Szollosi
  • Camera, editing & sound: Mano Daniel Szollosi
  • Interviews: Sandra Fauconnier
  • Thank you: Sara VanDerBeek, Francesco Stocchi, Saskia de Jong, Rianne Schoonderbeek
  • Music: 'I don't see the branches, i see the leaves' by Chris Zabriskie,
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    Artists are invited in Sensory Spaces to respond to the architectural qualities of the space, emphasizing notions of transformation and surprise.