Sensory Spaces 13 - Anne Hardy

62 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
For Sensory Spaces 13 Anne Hardy (UK, 1970) will present a new FIELD work: she invites the visitor to enter a dream-like, animated world. In this video the artist and the guest curator Nina Folkersma explain the work and process behind the installation.

Anne Hardy makes large-scale installations in which objects, light, color and sound seem to take on a life of their own. She invites visitors to enter this ‘sentient space’ and to experience how the work slowly changes around them.

Hardy seeks her inspiration, materials and sounds for her FIELD works in the city, preferably in inconspicuous or overlooked places like street corners or a patch of land between two roads. They are places that are both strange and familiar, floating between the real and the imaginary. It is precisely this ambiguity that Hardy captures in her ‘Fields’. They have something magical – something you have to experience but which is also hard to put into words. In Hardy’s own words, they make us aware of ‘the slippery nature of our perception of the world’.

Sensory Spaces is a series of commissioned solo projects presented in the Willem van der Vorm Gallery, located in the freely accessible exhibition space in the museum’s entrance hall. For each edition an artist is invited to develop a work that emphasises or alters the visitor's experience of this particular space.

Sensory Spaces 13 – Anne Hardy is on display from 10 February until 27 May 2018 in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Video credits

Interviews and direction: Kuba Szutkowski
Camera, edit and sounddesign: Kuba Szutkowski, Erika Roux Production leaderr: Elvie Casteleijn
Music by: mchv - Beach guitar bahia (cc, fragments of soundscape sensory spaces 13 by Anne Hardy
Additional videos: Anne Hardy, Angus Mill, Maureen Paley Gallery 
Subtitles: Einion
With thanks to: Marloes Prins, Robin Becker, Rianne Schoonderbeek and all employees of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
With support from: Ammodo en Outset.
Production by: Studio Maslow 

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  • Sensory Spaces

    Artists are invited in Sensory Spaces to respond to the architectural qualities of the space, emphasizing notions of transformation and surprise.