Rory Pilgrim - Dolf Henkens Prijs 2016

00:06:38 CBK Rotterdam
The artists Daan Botlek, Rana Hamadeh, Rory Pilgrim and Katarina Zdjelar have been nominated for the Dolf Henkes Award 2016. This biennial award is granted by the Henkes Foundation to an iconic Rotterdam artist. In this video Rory Pilgrim talks about the way he works as an artist.

Rory Pilgrim (Bristol, 1988) makes films, performances, drawings, and text posters based on collaboration with a wide variety of people. He approaches universal themes with the phrase ‘the personal is political’ always in mind. In a time rapidly changing by digital technology, he is interested in how people come together to voice themselves and fight for social equality and justice. Using slogans and self-composed music as his primary tools, he strives to impart renewed meaning in hollowed-out terms, such as love, freedom, security, and solidarity. 

Pilgrim shows the latest instalment of his Sacred Repositories film trilogy, which revolves around people’s relation to places or gestures that ensure them new promises of trust, change, and hope. The starting point for Affection Is The Best Protection is the landscape artwork Polderland Garden of Love and Fire by Daniel Libeskind in Flevoland. The work is renowned for being an anonymous meeting place for gay men. At this location, Pilgrim previously organised a performance based on a series of interviews and workshops. The film elaborates on the political significance and liberating function of these kinds of 'safe spaces' by bringing together voices from three different queer communities. Objects associated with Affection Is The Best Protection are also on display.

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