Robert Filliou – The Secret of Permanent Creation

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M HKA dedicates an exhibition to the French poet, playwright, artist and thinker Robert Filliou: a key figure of experimental art in the second half of the twentieth century.
Robert Filliou

Robert Filliou (1926 – 1987) was a French Fluxus artist, who produced works as a filmmaker, "action poet," sculptor, and happenings maestro.

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Dear Visitor X,

We’ve made this exhibition because we think Robert Filliou (1926–1987) is one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. Perhaps it takes the twenty-first century to realise that. See for yourself!

We thank everyone who helped us with the exhibition: all the many lenders (not least the Estate of Robert Filliou and Peter Freeman Inc. in Paris and New York) and all those who shared their knowledge and memories of Filliou (not least Cécile Barrault in Paris and Irmeline Lebeer in Brussels).

Of course we also thank Marianne Filliou.

Welcome to the exhibition!

M HKA (through Anders Kreuger)

“The Secret of Permanent Creation: Whatever you’re thinking; think something else. Whatever you’re doing; do something else. The Absolute Secret of Permanent Creation: Desire nothing, decide nothing, choose nothing, be aware of yourself, stay awake, calmly seated, do nothing.” – Robert Filliou

Robert Filliou – The Secret of Permanent Creation
13 Oct 2016 - 22 Jan 2017
M HKA Antwerp

Video credits

Coordination video: Ghislaine Peeters
Interviews, camera and edit: Mario De Munck
Special thanks to: Anny De Decker, Bernard Blistène, Flor Bex, Jacques Lizène and Maria Broodthaers.

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