Red Yellow Blue at the Stedelijk

00:06:18 365 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Twelve children explore the museum with a camera and a list of questions. Curious what they thought about the art they saw?

Ever done a handstand in a museum? Twelve children were given a camera on their heads and were released at the Stedelijk. What do they find? Lots of red, yellow and blue. And artists with names like Barnett Newman, Dan Flavin, and - this appears to be a difficult name to pronounce - Gerrit Rietveld. See how Milou finds an artwork 'beautiful but also a bit weird', Rijk admiring the water pipes and Toer looks at 'Cathedra' upside down.

This video is specially made for the Family Lab: Build with Red Yellow and Blue.

Video credits

  • Thanks to: Toer, Sharon, Milou, Loth, Puck, Jop, Linne, Stef, Rijk, Tyler, Skett, Daan, Piet en Suzie 
  • Director & producer: Anouk Wouters 
  • Concept: Anouk Wouters, Hanna Piksen, Laura Klaassens 
  • Camera & sound & editing: Anouk Wouters 
  • Facilities: Tjerk Busstra, Peter Ranzijn, Annemieke Dunnink, Felix Kops 
  • Music: Troop Terwilligers by Richard Band, Hectic Affairs by Martin Sebastion Holm 
  • Subtitles: Einion 
  • Commissioned by the Education department of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2014 
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