Re-defining Balance (as a matter of fact)

00:21:53 1003 CBK Rotterdam
A documentary on the creative process of the 8 meters high foun-tain, Re-defining Balance by Anne Wenzel.

The sculpture is not only unique in scale, but also in terms of its nature as well as in the use of the materials concrete and ceramics. For more than 4 years, film maker Marieke van der Lippe follows the develop-ment of the sculpture meticulously. The coming about of such a large and monumental sculpture requires an enormous commit-ment of everybody involved; not only in terms of know-how, but also in terms of perseverance and patience. The film shows the battle with the material and the victory thereon. 

Video credits

Marieke van der Lippe, 2016

This film was supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) and the Court Overijssel.

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