Qiu Zhijie: Journeys without Arrivals

00:09:01 Van Abbemuseum
An interview with artist Qiu Zhijie and curator Davide Quadrio about the exhibition Qiu Zhijie: Journeys without Arrivals which was on view from 1 April until 24 September 2017 in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.


The solo exhibition Qiu Zhijie: Journeys without Arrivals is the first comprehensive overview of Qiu Zhijie, one of the most important Chinese artists of his generation. The wide spectrum of his artworks—ranging in media and entangling different temporalities and geographies—unveils an intimate portrait of the artist as a polymath, whose artistic work is an integral part of a larger, holistic approach to life. Embracing the concept of total art, Qiu demonstrates the role of art as a powerful engine for coming to terms with change, tradition and globalisation in China and across the world. Qiu’s work draws on certain pictorial traditions, from calligraphy to handicraft techniques, and pushes them into the present. He represents an ideal example of an artist as a go-between, whose broad ideas and engagements—as an artist, merchant, teacher and political activist—become strong, resolute and profound images of the contemporary world.

Video credits

  • Curators Qiu Zhijie: Journeys without Arrivals: Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher, Davide Quadrio
  • Subsidisers: Fonds 21, Galleria Continua
  • Partners: Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, Lunds konsthall
  • Film & edit: Florian Koch
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