On The Move - Sarah Carlier

00:01:23 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
A short interview with Sarah Carlier, selected for On the Move with the video installation Let us be cheerful (2014).

In a basement a man suddenly releases a yellow canary from his hands. Someone washes his car in the pouring rain. A lamb made of vanilla ice cream is beheaded. Sarah Carlier Izegem, BE, 1981) captures all these peculiar little incidents in her video installation, Let us be cheerful. She has made the thirteen videos over the last two years, and calls them “moving pictures.” The poetic images vacillate between stillness and movement.

Carlier’s work examines the way we try to give deep-rooted cultural traditions and customs a place in our contemporary lives. The videos are reconstructions, usually of the artist’s own memories and dreams. For example, the beheading of the ice cream lamb is a custom among Flemish Catholics: as a dessert the “animal” is decapitated at First Communion parties and “bleeds” red fruit syrup. In Carlier’s video its head slowly melts away. The installation is a symphony of different associative fragments. Just as we glance away, another note worthy or amusing event unfolds.

On The Move
August 29, 2014 - January 18, 2015
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 

Video credits

  • Research & interviews: Anna Jordans
  • Direction & editing: Gijs Pouwels
  • Camera: Adriaan van de Polder
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