On The Move - Johannes Schwartz

00:01:23 268 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Johannes Schwartz (München, DE, 1970) lives and works in Amsterdam. Selected for On the Move: the multimedia project Tiergarten (2014).

What do zookeepers feed a wild animal in captivity to keep it “wild”? How can this food be considered “prey” when the animals are kept in a cultivated environment and no longer able, or necessitated, to hunt? This is the premise of Johannes Schwartz’s exploration, which was set in Moscow’s city zoo. The result is photos of slabs of fish on a plate, a hump of raw meat and chunks of bread – foods that are commonly found in our diets, but when presented in such a manner, hardly suggest human consumption. When it came to printing the images, Schwartz experimented by changing the dithering settings and applying an unorthodox use of colors, which generated surprising color palettes. In effect, Schwartz used the machine as a painting tool, allowing chance to define the outcome and exploiting the unusual results to the full. Schwartz has a long-standing collaboration with Experimental Jetset, a graphic design bureau. In 2003, Schwartz and Experimental Jetset began producing High, an ongoing series of publications that are primarily created in conjunction with an exhibition.

On The Move
August 29, 2014 - January 18, 2015
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Video credits

Research & interviews: Anna Jordans
Direction & editing: Gijs Pouwels
Camera: Adriaan van de Polder

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