Natan. The Dress.

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Documentary film about the entire design and manufacturing process of the couture dress Belgian fashion house Natan created for MoMu - Antwerp Fashion Museum.

With his fashion house Natan, Edouard Vermeulen has been working in the fashion world for more than 30 years and he is an important international representative of Belgian fashion.

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In 2016, the Belgian fashion house Natan donated a couture creation to the ModeMuseum Antwerpen (Antwerp Fashion Museum). As a result of this gift, the ModeMuseum has created a film documenting the entire design and manufacturing process of the dress.
The film records the various stages of the creative process of the dress: from the early design idea, the first sketch and the various fittings in the studio to the photo shoot with the model.

The film is supplemented by interviews with Kaat Debo (Director of MoMu), Christian Salez (Furthermore Ltd London and Executive Director at Natan) and Pierre Mallevays (Managing Partner at Savigny Partners LLP).

Presenting the creative process is a unique opportunity, considering the museum is usually only able to acquire and purchase end products for its collections. With this project, the ModeMuseum not only wants to highlight the great craftsmanship of Edouard Vermeulen, designer and owner of the Natan house, but also to show a glimpse behind the scenes of the house and the professional skill of the team active in the Natan couture studio.


Video credits

The film and exhibition were made possible with support from the Deutsche Bank.

Art Direction: Jacques Servaes
Camera: Toon Illegems
Edit: Els Voorspoels
Sounddesign & mixage: Senjan Jansen
Music: Bert Joris & Senjan Jansen
Production: Offline
(c) MoMu Antwerpen

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