Nalini Malani: inside the installation

00:06:07 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Early in 2017, the Stedelijk Museum shows the exhibition Nalini Malani: Transgressions. The heart of the exhibition is the installation Transgressions, a unique combination of painting, video and moving shadows that Malani terms “video/shadow play.”
Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani is a contemporary Indian artist, who extends the concept of "painting beyond the frame" into video plays and video/shadow plays. Her body of work includes painting, video, and installation art.

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In collaboration with Malani, several additional works have been selected to be shown. These works provide a contextualization of the themes and variety of literary and classical sources brought into play in Transgressions. A very important departure point for this exhibition is the extensive publication In Medias Res, Inside Nalini Malani’s Shadow Plays (Hatje Catz, 2016), by Mieke Bal.

In this video Nalini Malani guides you through her exhibition, curator Margriet Schavemaker speaks about the background of the work and Mieke Bal shares her vision on the importance of Nalini Malani’s work.

You can visit the exhibition Nalini Malani: Transgressions until June 18 2017 in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Video credits

Thanks to: Nalini Malani, Mieke Bal, Margriet Schavemaker

Camera & Editing: Anouk Wouters
Production: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & Anouk Wouters Music: Fog horn, Transgressions, In Search of Vanished Blood / Courtesy Nalini Malani
Translation: Einion Media

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