Melanie Smith - Finding possibility

00:10:54 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Melanie Smith tells about her work and the influence Mexico had on her art and life.

In 1989, Melanie Smith (Poole 1965) went to Mexico, together with several other freshly graduated English artists. The trip was intended as a self-organised 'artist in residence' period of a few months, but turned into a journey of discovery through the Latin-American world which has now lasted more than 25 years. First, Smith tried to understand the metropolis Mexico City. Later she went to Xilitla in the Mexican jungle and to Fordlandia in Brazil, where two westerners, Edward James and Henry Ford, had each in their own way tried to leave their mark. She filmed the historic sites and assembled her material into pictorial essays. Objects found, made, reconstructed are the tangible proof of her undertakings. 

The video is made on the occasion of Smiths first retrospective exhibition, organized in collaboration with MK Gallery in Milton Keynes. It can be seen in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen until 11 January 2015.

Video credits

  • Camera, sound & edit: Jacco Gaillard
  • Interview & chief editor: Els Hoek
  • Subtitling: Einion media


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