In this interview, Matias Faldbakken talks about the artist family in which he grew up, his repulsion for street art and his fascination for minimalism.

The framed bin bag by the Scandinavian artist Matias Faldbakken caused something of a commotion. Faldbakken frequently makes radical and provocative attacks on society and the art world. He destroys and provokes, but at the same time recognises that he is an irrevocable part of the very society to which he says no.

He explains that he plays with museum conventions and that his locker cupboard bound with expandable binders would not have the added value on the street that it generates by itself in an art environment. Furthermore, he has a tip for the museum visitor.

Exhibition info

This video was made on the occasion of Intervention # 21 - Matias Faldbakken, in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen from September 1, 2012 until January 27, 2013. All the works on show are from the Bert Kreuk Collection.

Video credits

Camera, interview, edit: Rose Klaver

Chief editor: Els Hoek

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