Maryam Jafri – Positions #3

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Maryam Jafri (Karachi, Pakistan, 1972) is one of the four artists in the exhibition Positions #3 organised by the Van Abbemuseum.

How or why do people seem to desire the very structures that imprison them, and how is that desire often felt as pleasurable, protective, inevitable or even liberating?

These are the basic questions Jafri seeks to answer. She takes moments that are ingrained in the system and puts them to serious use. She chooses events in which capitalist business behaviour or the protocols of the military become travesties of themselves. This way she points at moments when we embrace novelties too quickly and without realising their implications. Jafri’s work is grounded in documentary material rife with economic, political, and social references. She comments on everyday lives and uses the play between fact and fiction to reveal the social and bureaucratic regulations to which we all submit. Generic Corner (2015) for example deals with food production and marketing. Product Recall: An Index of Innovation (2014-2015) focuses on products that were either recalled or failed to find widespread consumer appeal.

Positions #3
Van Abbemuseum
3 December 2016 - 5 March 2017

Video credits

  • Produced by: Mals Media || Anna Jordans
  • Research & interview: Else Siemerink
  • Camera & edit: Florian Koch
  • The exhibition series Positions is made possible with the support of Ammodo, Danish Arts Foundation, Mondriaan Fund and Stichting Promotors Van Abbemuseum
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  • Positions #3

    For the exposition 'Positions #3' the Van Abbemuseum made a series with the featuring artists. In four short videos they tell about their work.