Man, don't get angry - The attendants' choice

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Museum attendants have a special privilege. During the months they see the exhibitions they get to know the works of art very well, sometimes better than the museum staff. What happens when they are asked to curate an exhibition of the museum’s collection?

To highlight the role of the museum attendants at S.M.A.K., we asked them to curate an exhibition of the museum’s collection. They chose not only their favourite works, but also works that come with anecdotes and deep personal impressions.

The museum presented their personal and sometimes surprising choices from S.M.A.K.’s abundant collection under the title Man, don't get angry. It includes works by Jan Fabre, Mark Manders, Yves Klein, Jimmie Durham, Ed Templeton, Panamarenko, Sven ‘t Jolle and Edward Lipski.

The attendants at the S.M.A.K. also have another important task: they are our most important contacts for the public. They all have one thing in common: their first day at work in the museum is often their first contact with contemporary art.

This exhibition was compiled by Dominique Cahay, Sasha Caradjov, Annie Expeels, Carine Hoste, Carine Lafaut, Gilbert Thiery, Wies Van Baeveghem, Christa Van Den Berghe, Ronny Vande Gehuchte and Chris Volleman.

Man, don't get angry | The attendants' choice
27.08 until 23.10.2016

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  • Director, Camera & Edit: Roel Van Tour
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