Katarina Zdjelar - Dolf Henkes Prijs 2016

00:05:43 CBK Rotterdam
The artists Daan Botlek, Rana Hamadeh, Rory Pilgrim and Katarina Zdjelar have been nominated for the Dolf Henkes Award 2016. This biennial award is granted by the Henkes Foundation to an iconic Rotterdam artist. In this video Katarina Zdjedar talks about her work.

The protagonists in the videos of Katarina Zdjelar (Belgrade, 1979) use their voices and bodies to produce, in an orchestrated manner, sounds, words or tones. We see them unlearn an accent, perfecting a pronunciation, or rehearsing a piece of music. Each act involves cultivating the voice, sounds, and tones in a language or music piece according to standards determined by cultural and social codes. In this way, personal expectations and desires connect to larger social issues, such as the constant pressure in contemporary society to perform.

AAA (Mein Herz) is a new single-shot work showing a young woman simultaneously performing four compositions. While preserving the original style, tempo, and rhythm of the individual works, she maintains the key of the different music pieces. Silence, music, sound and words alternate and collide. The female protagonist's face and vocal chords serve as a battleground for the jerky transition between the different tracks. The second projection acts as a footnote to the work, compiling the moments of silence from the recording. 

Video credits

The installation design is made in collaboration with Claus Wiersma.

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