Jump into the Future

00:09:49 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Jump into the Future- Art from the 90s and 2000’s is an exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam that shows the immense collection from collector Thomas Borgmann in thirty galleries. Borgmann called his visits in the 60’s “an escape to the future”.

The title of the exhibition, Jump into the Future, refers both to the collector’s early relationship with the Stedelijk and to the activity of collecting. Collecting art is a true adventure, especially when the focus lies on innovation and young art.

The artworks of the Borgmann collection - which focusses on the art scene in Cologne with connections to London, New York and Los Angeles - is a remarkable addition to the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum.

The exhibition is designed to present the work of certain artists in a separate space, so visitors can experience them fully. Moreover, by featuring various other artists in several galleries, the presentation also highlights common threads and contrasts.

The major exhibition Jump into the Future shows work from (amongst others) Cosima von Bonin, Matt Mullican, Lucy McKenzie, Jutta Koether and Christopher Williams.

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