Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs, 1996–2013

00:08:22 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
In 2014 the Stedelijk Museum presented an extraordinary selection of work by Canadian photographer Jeff Wall, one of today’s leading international artists. Encompassing nearly 40 works, the exhibition surveys Wall’s oeuvre since 1996.
Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall (b. Vancouver, 1946) is a Canadian photographer and one of todays's leading international artists. Since the 1980s, Wall has produced critically acclaimed work in the form of color transparencies backlit by fluorescent light strips and presented in lightboxes.

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How much does Jeff Wall leave to chance? And what is the subtle difference between fiction and the imaginary?

Wall is eager to challenge preconceived notions and expectations, also about his own work. Days before the opening of the exhibition Jeff Wall: Tableaux Pictures Photographs 1996-2013, the artist and curator of photography Hripsimé Visser stroll through the exhibition and discuss clichés, fact and fiction around his work.

This video introduces the exhibition at the Stedelijk and casts a light on Wall's sometimes mystical and at the same time monumental photography and method which moves between reminiscence, mise en scene and realism.

Hripsimé Visser is curator of photography at the Stedelijk Museum since 1990. She was curator of several exhibitions in the Stedelijk Museum, among which Jeff Wall (2014), Mapping the City (2007) and Rineke Dijkstra (2004).

Visser: Jeff Wall is first and foremost an 'artist's artist'‚ he is well- known and much loved by other artists, as well as critics. With this exhibition, the Stedelijk hopes to create broader public awareness of Jeff Wall as one of the artists who uniquely and enduringly defined photography as a fine art medium. Wall's work is classic, yet entirely contemporary at the same time. His themes are both commonplace and tension-filled.

What at first seems straightforward and intelligible is also complex and enigmatic.

Wall carefully selects his mode of display to be produced with an incredible eye for detail. The large scale of the images is a natural, integral feature of the work.

Video credits

A film by Jeroen van der Poel & Robbie Schweiger
Commisioned by the Education Department Stedelijk Museum

  • Direction and camera: Jeroen van der Poel
  • Production and research: Robbie Schweiger
  • Thanks to: Jeff Wall, Hripsimé Visser, Rixt Hulshoff Pol, Alex Clarke, Emanuel Hoffmann Stiftung, Glenstone Foundation, Washington, Musée d'art contemporaine de Montreal, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
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