Leontine Coelewij, curator at the Stedelijk Museum, guides you around the nexpo: "I am a native foreigner". An exhibition about migration, where different pieces of the Stedelijk Museum collection are displayed together for the first time.


About the exhibition

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is mounting a series of exhibitions in 2017 and 2018 that explore different aspects of the theme migration. “I Am a Native Foreigner” examines migration by focusing on the museum’s collection: what are artists views on migration, and how do they visualise it in their work? This collection presentation considers the effects of migration on artists both past and present, and reveals how they dealt with, and depicted, the impact of displacement. The title “I Am a Native Foreigner” is taken from a statement made by the Mexican artist Ulises Carrión (1941-1989), who settled in Amsterdam in the 1970s.

The work in “I Am a Native Foreigner” ranges from photographs of Dutch immigrants disembarking at New York’s Ellis Island around 1900, and Surinamese-born Dutch who made their home in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam southeast in the late ‘70s, to more recent images of refugees off the coast of southern Spain.

The exhibition is on display from 23 September - 3 June 2018.

Video credits

Thanks to: Leontine Coelewij

Production: De Kostgangers, Danielle Emans & Geert van de Wetering

Subtitles: Einion Media

Photo: Bertien van Manen, Turkse meisjes tijdens feest Schiedam, 1977, ontwikkelgelatinedruk. Collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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