The Dutch product designer Bertjan Pot is known for his idiosyncratic designs. For him, design is the search for a simple yet unique solution. He considers a design successful only if the materials and construction come together in a logical combination. His choices seem simple but are often unusual.
Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot is a Dutch designer. His studio produces interior products marked by a highly experimental approach and a fascination with technique, texture, structure, pattern and colour.

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Pot is critical of the current state of the design world. He is increasingly uninterested by whether people call their work art or design. For him, it’s about making things. For the exhibition 'Hot glue' in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Pot attempted to realise as many of the ideas he had in the year preceding the exhibition as possible, not including commissions from manufacturers or other clients. He set to work with simple materials such as plastic spoons, beads, rope, tape, set squares, plastic bags and hot glue. Lots of hot glue. The results are ready-mades in which he attempted to keep pace with his ideas.

This exhibition provides an insight into Pot’s artistic process: the play, the thinking, the research into materials and constructions, the creativity and the solutions that lead to new forms

Video credits

  • With special thanks to: Bertjan Pot, Annemartine van Kesteren
  • Camera and Edit: Simone Lilmoes
  • Interview: Sophie Heijkoop
  • Subtitles: Einion Media
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