Hide & Seek, Maarten Baas

00:07:34 Groninger Museum
To talk about his new exhibition in the Groninger Museum, filmmaker Sije Kingma visited Dutch designer Maarten Baas in his studio and followed him during Dutch Design Week.
Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas (1978) is considered to be one of the most influential Dutch designers of the beginning of the 21st century. His work is known as rebellious, playful, intellectual, theatrical and artistic. He is well known for his series Smoke (burned furniture) and Real Time clocks.

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The designs by Maarten Baas, one of the most well know Dutch Designers, straddle the boundary between art and design and are known for their conceptual, humorous, rebellious and theatrical character.

Creative process

In the video Maarten Baas talks about his creative process: I consider creating something special or beautiful, giving it everything you got in order to maken it as special as possible, that that alone is quite a challenge in itself.  Within that process I try to be innovative, push boundaries and take risks.

Design series

Maarten Baas graduated from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002 with the series Smoke, for which he burned furniture and then covered it with a transparent layer of epoxy, restoring its functionality. The Clay series consists of pieces of furniture hand-formed out of synthetic clay. The MendiniRestaurant at the Groninger Museum is entirely furnished with items from this unique series. Another striking example of Baas’s work is the groundbreaking video clock Real Time (2009), whose hands are painted and then removed, minute by minute, by a man in a blue boiler suit. In this work, Baas combines theatre, art, film and design.

New work

Hide & Seek: Maarten Baas features recent works including Tree Trunk Chair, Carapace and Close Parity. Visitors will receive a preview of May I Have Your Attention Please?, Baas’s joint project with Lensvelt for Milan design week in April. Hide & Seek, a new work comprising eight videos, will also make its debut.

On show in the Groninger Museum until September 23 2017.

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