Hans Wilschut

00:09:57 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
The cityscapes photographed by Hans Wilschut in all parts of the world are not about urban planning and architecture, but about the people who live in the tower blocks and, in some way or another, want to turn the urban structure into something more personal.

In this interview, Wilschut talks about his aim to look past the facades and catch a glimpse of something that touches or moves him. Sometimes he has already seen the image in his dreams and often it is about desire. The desire of not wanting to be inside but outside; not among the millions of people in a city, but alone in the countryside. The romantic longing for the horizon, perhaps.

Video credits

This interview is a compilation of an interview with Hans Wilschut in Boijmans TV (episode 5: looking at monkeys), which he gave on the occasion of the publication of a book about his work and the presentation Perforated Perspective (24 April 2010 - 1 September 2010). The interview is supplemented with material which could not, for time constraints, be included in the television programme.

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