Gelatin: Vorm - Fellows - Attitude

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Gelatin is four artists who started working together in 1993. In this exhibition, Gelatin explores the disparate possibilities of what sculpture can be, disarming taboos that cause prejudice, discomfort, and fear. In this video we see an interview between curator Francesco Stocchi and the artists.


"Welcome to Gelatin and have a nice day!"

Gelatin comprises four artists who started working together in 1993. Their oeuvre encourages participation and looking without prejudice or cultural stigmas. Their practice reveals a place where homogeneity gives way to the richness of diversity, autonomy and free thinking. The exhibition ‘Gelätin: Vorm- Fellows - Attitude’ presents Gelatin’s longstanding and unbiased interest in the human condition, placing the body at the centre of their process.

The exhibition presents monumental, site-specific works, suited to the unique character of this large, column-free exhibition space. Gelatin’s explorations of the varied possibilities of what sculpture can be have led them to the realisation that the first sculpture you make as a child is, in fact, a turd. With this in mind, in 2007, they discovered a poop alphabet, embracing the innocence of childhood, a pre-taboo condition lost to adults. Gelatin questions such taboos through their personal, sincere and passionate approach. With a childlike enthusiasm the artists invite you, as a participant, to rethink and redefine the boundaries that confine us, both physical and psychological.

Video credits

  • Direction: Jason Schmidt
  • Camera and edit: Mano Daniel Szolossi
  • Sound recording: Margarita Kouvatsou
  • Costumes: Anna Schwarz
  • Subtitles: Einion

With special thanks to: Tim Van Laere Gallery, Massimo Decarlo, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Weingut Bründelmayer and Perotin.

Made possible by: Phileas – A fund for contemporary art, Legero United – Initiator of, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

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