Experience Traps. 16 artists lead you up the garden path

For Experience Traps the Middelheim Museum has invited sixteen contemporary artists who have each found inspiration in the innovative ideas behind the Baroque landscape. This manifests itself in architectural sculptures, installations and performances appealing to all senses. The artworks, often purpose-made for this project, can be found throughout the park and in town.


In this exhibition, contemporary artists try to guide our physical and mental experience. To this end they use style elements such as the grotto, the ruin, the fountain and the labyrinth. These motifs allow us to look at ‘commissioned art’ in a playful but critical manner. The art tries – in true Baroque tradition – to trick, surprise, impress or seduce the public.

Experience Traps is also a critical reflection on our contemporary society and economy, in which we continuously expect unique experiences, preferably authentic and with a good story behind it. This way, we try to position ourselves against the other(s) – for instance via social media.

The artists: Mike Bouchet (US), Monster Chetwynd (UK), Jeremy Deller (UK), Spencer Finch (US), William Forsythe (US), Gelatin (A), Ryoji Ikeda (JP), Bertrand Lavier (FRA), Louise Lawler (US), Bruce Nauman (US), Recetas Urbanas (ESP), Monika Sosnowska (PL), Adrien Tirtiaux(BE), Dennis Tyfus (BE), Andra Ursuta (RO) and Ulla von Brandenburg (D).

Video credits

  • Direction and edit: Mario De Munck
  • Camera: Mario De Munck, Aldine Reinink, Sjors Swierstra, Bart Deherdt, Tomas Uyttendaele
  • Music: J.S. Bach, 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' (pd) Paul Pitman, musopen.org Wake, 'Steppin' (cc) freemusicarchive.org A. Vivaldi, 'Concerto n°4 in F minor, L'inverno' (cc) US Air Force Band, musopen.org Bensound, 'Tomorrow' (cc) bensound.com M. Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition (cc) Skidmore College Orchestra, musopen.org
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