Dutch Profiles: Vlisco

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Vlisco has been exporting batik printed fabrics across the African continent, a real Dutch Design company whose history was hidden for quite some time.

Since its beginning more than 160 years ago, the company Vlisco, based in Helmond in the South of The Netherlands, makes high quality printed fabrics using a technique adapted from the ancient Indonesian batik, a method the Dutch learned during the time Indonesia was still a colony of Holland. This delicate and time-consuming wax printing and color dyeing process defines the brand's strong, colourful and unique fabric range. Since 1876 Vlisco has been exporting these fabrics across the African continent where they became hugely popular and remain so today.

After a slew of successful collaborations with high fashion brands such as Comme des Garcons, Adidas, and Printemps, Vlisco re-invented themselves in 2006, as a fashion label in their own right. Customers now flock to Vlisco's ever-increasing number of flagship stores in major African cities like Benin and Accra, coveting their growing range of products - from ready-to-wear collections, to shoes, bags and accessories.

Video credits

  • Commissioning editor: Geert van de Wetering
  • Producer: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
  • Director: Mattijs Mollee
  • Camera: Pierre Rezus
  • Sound: Wouter Veldhuis
  • Editing: Joost van de Wetering
  • Music Sound Design: Pastelle Music
  • Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix
  • Commissioned by DutchDFA

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