Dutch Profiles: Doepel Strijkers

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Duzan Doepel, architect and professor of Sustainable Architecture, and Eline Strijkers, interior architect, joined forces in 2007.

They won the AM NAi audience award for Parksite, turning an old garage for ambulances into a beautiful residence. They strongly believe that all assignments, whether it's architecture, interior design or urban strategies, can be approached in the same way, with a strong focus on sustainability. By doing extensive research and carefully planning the processes leading up to their designs, they manage to calculate not only the ecological, but also the long-term economical and social implications of their work.

This integrated approach can be seen in the HAKA project for example, an office building that allows small companies to work together on a sustainable future. In Waalwijk, Doepel Strijkers transformed an old town hall into a museum and workspace for international students in leather and shoe design. Their aim was to create a flexible environment that has a positive influence on the surrounding community as well.

Doepel Strijkers' latest project is an organic tequila factory in Mexico that will use its waste products to make textiles, furniture, perfume or bio-fuels. They were able to combine all aspects of their philosophy of sustainability in this single project.

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